CLFP holds three board of directors meetings each year. The annual board meeting is held in April, the fall meeting is held in October and the board also meets in February during the 食品加工博览会 in Sacramento. Board meetings are an excellent way to network with your food producing industry peers, be involved in CLFP business and actions and hear from speakers involved in the industry.


Part of CLFP’s work in building relationships with legislators in California includes holding an annual 国会大厦的一天 in Sacramento. In recent years the event has been held in June, and it provides an excellent forum for CLFP member company representatives to meet with legislators, regulators and representatives of Governor Jerry Brown's office to discuss issues affecting the food processing industry. It’s also an opportunity for legislators and government representatives to see the companies and people behind CLFP.


几年前, CLFP stepped up its relationship building efforts in the nation’s capital by launching a Washington, D.C.,乘坐飞机. The event provides CLFP members the opportunity to meet with the California Central Valley Congressional delegation and discuss current industry issues and also meet with a variety of government agencies.


Each fall CLFP holds a 供应商主办委员会高尔夫球锦标赛 in Stockton. The event is sponsored by CLFP's Supplier Host Council, 一组精选的m88体育, and provides an opportunity for affiliate and processor members to come together for a day of golf to benefit CLFP's Scholarship Program.


CLFP produces an annual 食品加工博览会, which is held in February in Sacramento. The 世博会 is the largest event of its kind devoted exclusively to the food producing industry. The 世博会 provides an opportunity for affiliate members to exhibit (at a reduced rate) and for processor members to view the latest industry technology and 服务.


Several active policy committees are the backbone of CLFP. Experts from member companies come together with our experienced staff to identify emerging issues and to recommend policy actions for consideration by the Board of Directors. Committee membership is open to all processor and affiliate member companies, and some of our key committees include the following:


The most important function of CLFP is to effectively represent the interests of food processors at all levels of state government. The committee works with staff to set legislative priorities, evaluate bills proposed in the Legislature, 并确定潜在的联盟伙伴. The committee also helps to coordinate CLFP’s annual 国会大厦的一天 and ensures that CLFP has clear and consistent policy messages.


This committee is actively involved with a wide range of energy issues in California, including rate setting proceedings before the Public Utilities Commission, 能源效率计划, 需求响应的关税, 和研究项目. The prime objective is to ensure that food processors receive fair and reasonable rates and obtain reliable quality service.

  • 电费率小组委员会
  • 天然气委员会


California has one of the most rigorous environmental regulatory regimes in the nation, posing significant challenges for food processors. This committee closely monitors the myriad of regulations and proposed legislation regarding air quality, 温室气体的排放, 废水, 副产品管理, 固体废物回收, 和有毒物质.

  • 空气质量委员会
  • 固体废物小组委员会
  • 水资源委员会

食品安全、营养、 & 标签委员会

This committee actively monitors federal and state laws 法规 and provides timely issue updates to CLFP members. The committee’s objective is to ensure that regulatory agencies use sound science when reviewing public health risks and avoid unnecessary product labeling requirements.

劳动 & 就业委员会

This committee tracks labor regulations, worker health and safety, and workers’ compensation. The committee promotes sharing of worker safety best practices programs.


Industry experts in agricultural production address a variety of issues related to agricultural technology, 作物保护和食品安全. This committee provides technical analysis on pesticide issues along with other issues that affect the growers who supply raw products to the food processing industry.

运输 & 物流委员会

This Committee is responsible for monitoring transportation and logistics issues affecting California food processors, 帮助m88体育解决问题. Key topics of interest will include truck, 铁路, 海运费率, 服务, 法规, 以及海洋港口货物物流. Specific issues include truck weight and length regulations and hours of service regulations for drivers. The Committee will work closely with affiliate members in the transportation and logistics industry along with other trade associations.


To join a committee, contact CLFP's Jacqueline Yambor at jackie@www.ramseywroughtiron.com.

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